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It sounds effortless and exciting to shop for the perfect gown/outfit, for a special day or important occasion. They make it look so easy in movies and books, right?

But the reality is that most clients are plagued with questions like… “Will I be comfortable or stylish….? Does this gown hide the bad and emphasise the good areas…? Will I still feel and look good, three hours into the party….? Is it value for money? Do I import a garment or have it tailor-made…?” The list goes on and on.

In the wonderful evolving world of fashion, it is our job to keep up with trends, styles and the latest ‘it-factor’. A bride will know – your friends and relatives suddenly become the world’s most influential stylists. They all have their own ideas of how you must look on your special day or occasion. Granted, they all know your personality and style, but guess what – each person is unique, with a unique physique, complexion, personality, style and taste! So if we can give you one piece of advice – DO NOT follow trends, just because they are trends. Listen to your own heart, body and soul. At F Wilson, we appreciate these differences, as it makes you unique and wonderful. It sets you apart from the rest.

There is no secret to looking good, and feeling great. We believe the formula is simple. We harness and embrace each client’s individuality, by listening attentively and transforming these dreams, into passionate realities.

We simply make it All about you…….


F Wilson has a comprehensive production team to ensure your garment is a unique, quality product. From the designer to the seamstresses, we all endeavor to create a beautiful gown for our clients.

Johan Botha

Fritz Botha




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