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Departure of Designer Johan Botha

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IIt sounds effortless and exciting to shop for the perfect gown/outfit, for a special day or important occasion. They make it look so easy in movies and books, right?

But the reality is that most clients are plagued with questions like… “Will I be comfortable or stylish….? Does this gown hide the bad and emphasise the good areas…? Will I still feel and look good, three hours into the party….? Is it value for money? Do I import a garment or have it tailor-made…?” The list goes on and on.

In the wonderful evolving world of fashion, it is our job to keep up with trends, styles and the latest ‘it-factor’. A bride will know – your friends and relatives suddenly become the world’s most influential stylists. They all have their own ideas of how you must look on your special day or occasion. Granted, they all know your personality and style, but guess what – each person is unique, with a unique physique, complexion, personality, style and taste! So if we can give you one piece of advice – DO NOT follow trends, just because they are trends. Listen to your own heart, body and soul.

AAt F Wilson, we appreciate these differences, as it makes you unique and wonderful. It sets you apart from the rest. There is no secret to looking good, and feeling great. We believe the formula is simple. We harness and embrace each client’s individuality, by listening attentively and transforming these dreams, into passionate realities.

We simply make it All about you…….

You can wear a dress, or you can wear F Wilson!

Elegance is the only beauty that never fades

- Audrey Hepburn -


What we do

At F Wilson we create one of a kind outfits. We specialise in "WOW" and aim to make every client feel special.

Wedding Dresses

The most beautiful dress for your special day, designed to suit your figure and personal style.

Bridal Accessories

Whether it is a veil, a headpiece or a hairpiece, we make it to complement your dress and theme.

Evening Wear and Cocktail Dresses

Going to that Gala event or work function? Try something individual and unique and steal the limelight. These outfits are Red Carpet scene stealers.

Bridesmaids Dresses

Your bridesmaids can have dresses to make your wedding look even more stunning.

Mother of the Bride

Mom needs to look fashionable as well. Let her shine in her own creation.

Matric Farewell Dresses

The big party is finally hear after twelve years of school. Make your dress one to remember.


F Wilson will launch their new range of coordinates and day-to-night wear soon!

Mens Wear

Men are not left behind. Whether you have the flamboyant style of a rock star to a little quirky accent piece, F Wilson has an awesome range for men.


  • 800 Wedding gowns
  • 1000 Matric Farewell Gowns
  • 150 Red Carpet Celebrities
  • 1 Awards Received


Our creations are varied and individual. From the wildest frothiest gown, to the simpler shift, we try to show the you at your best. Over time our style has evolved, and some of the earlier works differ much from our current direction. still, we are proud of what we have achieved in the last decade.

Brides of 2014

wedding dress

Brides of 2013

wedding dress

Las Vegas Show Pieces – Air

Evening wear / Photo shoot

Las Vegas Show Pieces – Water

Evening wear / Photo shoot

Las Vegas Show Pieces – Earth

Evening wear / Photo shoot

Las Vegas Show Pieces – Fire

Evening wear / Photo shoot

Chantelle modelling for F Wilson

Celebrity / Evening wear

Brides of 2012

wedding dress

2012 Spring Range Showcased at Chez Charlene

Photo shoot / wedding dress

Accessories 2012 – Jackets

wedding dress

2012 Spring Wedding Range

wedding dress

Bridal 2012 summer range

Photo shoot / wedding dress

Matric Farewell Dresses of 2011

Evening wear / Matric Dress / Photo shoot

Cocktail wear

Evening wear / Photo shoot

Avant Garde Photo shoot

Evening wear / Photo shoot

2011 Summer Range

Photo shoot / wedding dress

Evening Wear

Evening wear

Amalia Uys for F Wilson feature

Celebrity / Photo shoot

Flights of Fancy 2011

Photo shoot / wedding dress

Matric Farewell

Matric Dress

Brides Diary Ad

Photo shoot / wedding dress

Cathedral Peak Photoshoot

Photo shoot / wedding dress

Bridal Africa

Evening wear / Photo shoot / wedding dress

Meet the Team

Our staff is skilled and specialised to ensure your garment is of the highest quality


All the latest news from F Wilson

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